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Natural BodyBuilding | My Journey

I started weight training at age 17 for soccer (I was playing club soccer for Birkalla and District Soccer). In an effort to compete with players bigger than me I trained my Legs and did Circuit classes to get fitter.

After a year of training I noticed my body getting more toned and enjoyed the environment in the Gym. I studied to become an instructor in 1995 and while doing work experience met Chris Price (the current Mr South Australia and 2nd in Australia for Natural Bodybuilding). Chris was about 82kg on stage and looked fantastic.

He suggested I compete and after a long thought process gave it a go in 1996. Since then I have competed in 36 competitions over the past 17 years winning state and National Titles. My current goal is to win Mr. Australia (surpassing Chris my Mentor) and representing Australia at the World Titles placing in the Top 3.

Natural BodyBuilding | Competitions Early Years

Natural BodyBuilding | Competitions - 2000's

Natural BodyBuilding | Competitions - Recent Years