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Meet Lisa

12 Week Challenge
Program: 12 Week Challenge / Weight Loss: 19.1 KG / Trainer: Duncan Rankine

“ I have known Duncan Rankine for around four years. He has a reputation as being a great personal trainer and a successful bodybuilder. I signed up for a 12 Week Challenge in August 2014 & he is the only person I wanted to train with as I knew he had produced some great results with clients in previous challenges. He had a big challenge in front of him – I was very overweight and doing no exercise.

From the outset, he said the goal was for me to lose 15kg – I thought there was no way that could happen. In 12 weeks, I ended up losing 19.1kg, 67mm from my skinfolds & 56cm from my girth measurements. Overall I lost 20.8% of my body weight. I was absolutely overwhelmed with the changes. I would not have been able to achieve these results without his guidance, expertise and motivation. Duncan is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of training, eating and weight loss.

His eating plans are very easy to follow. He explains in layman terms why I am training and eating the way I am. He was always able to help with any questions I had along the way. Whilst we were training for twelve weeks, he was always planning for my future. He has definitely set me up to continue my training and healthy eating. Duncan is very busy with work and training; however he is always punctual, and focused during our training sessions. Every personal training session is well planned out & he packs a lot into the session. I am extremely grateful for his expertise and the dedication he put in over the 12 weeks.

He was very supportive and cheered me on the whole way through, even though it was physically and emotionally difficult at times especially towards the end of the 12 Week Challenge. In my opinion, it is absolutely worth the money for the one-on-one personalized training from Duncan Rankine. I would think continued client loyalty would be a sure sign of a successful personal trainer and I plan to train with him in the long term. ”

Meet Fern

12 Week Body Blitz Winner 2014
Program: 12 Week Body Blitz Challenge / Weight Loss: 17.6 KG / Trainer: Duncan Rankine

“ I overcame this obstacle by getting huge support from my PT Duncan Rankine. By having him as my PT, it gave me a sort of assurance that if I can manage my food addiction, I can have my dream body. He also gave me moral support and provided me with dietary guidance as well as being a role model by practising what he preaches. I learnt to associate food with fuel; so in order to have my body at peak performance I have to fuel my body with the best food, as opposed to my old mindset of food as entertainment. I guess this was really a first step for me to become healthier. ”

Featured Article in Australian Iron Man Magazine

Meet Will

12 Week Challenge
Program: 12 Week Challenge / Weight Loss: / Trainer: Duncan Rankine

“ I've known Duncan for years and I've seen what he is capable of doing to his own physique. When I thought about competing, he was the first person I turned to. When we started this 12 week 'mock contest prep', I went from being 13.9% body fat to 9.34% in just four weeks, as well as gaining a kilo of muscle! It was about this time I started experiencing digestion issues and problems with my energy levels. Duncan guided me through these issues with different things to try which included changing up sources of protein from animal to plant, including apple cider vinegar and chlorophyll in the mornings and introduced me to carb cycling.

These things helped give my digestion a break on certain days and allowed my body's PH levels to return to normal. At the nine week mark, we recalculated and my body fat had dropped to 5% with another kilo of muscle gain. This is the leanest I've ever been and I cannot believe my eyes every time I look in the mirror. Competing seems like a very achievable goal now and I cannot wait to see what the next three weeks, and also the next few months, can bring. ”

Meet Laure

One on One Personal Traning
Program: One on One Personal Traning / Weight Loss: / Trainer: Duncan Rankine

“ When I first found Duncan I was going through a rough patch in my personal life, had gained 8 kilos and was lacking motivation. Having always been into fitness it was really hard to suddenly look in the mirror and hate my reflection, I was secretly miserable. During our first chat I mentioned to Duncan that I was considering competing as a bikini model, not really believing that I’d see it through to comp day.. He encouraged me to go for it and I’m so glad! His coaching and knowledge was second to none, he pushed me out of my comfort zone, showed me that limits were all in my head, and within 12 weeks my body looked the best it ever had. Duncan didn’t just help me transform my body, he helped me transform my life and I’ve never been happier. I walked away from my first season competing with three trophies, a stronger mind frame and a body I can be proud of. ”

Meet Nam

One on One Personal Traning
Program: One on One Personal Traning / Weight Loss: / Trainer: Duncan Rankine

“ I've been training with Duncan Rankins since January 2014, within the first 3 months I have seen amazing results. Duncan’s knowledge of weights and how to utilize machines for a healthy strength was impressive. He is charming, clever, and extremely knowledgeable with the body and specializes in workouts.

My life before training with Duncan was totally different from what I am now. With the help from him, I have changed my life both physically and mentally. I wasn’t really a big girl, in fact I have been pretty skinny all my life but I gained quite a bit of weight from pregnancy of my first child. Prior to starting PT session with Duncan, my exercise regime was non-existent. I didn’t like any kinds of sport or physical activities at all since I have asthma and scoliosis and back problem so I thought the last thing I wanted to do was exercise.

The first day I met Duncan, I discovered that despite being quite skinny, my body fat percentage was 32.51% which was classified at the obese level. I was very shocked to see that I was in fact a skinny fat person. This was a harsh reality and really hard to swallow instead of being sad and not doing anything to fix it, I decided that I will have to change my body and my fitness completely. My initial fitness level was extremely low, I could barely jog for 2 minutes on the treadmill or did 3-4 push up on knees. My first time going to gym was like a prisoner going to the prison.

Having Duncan as a trainer really helped with my motivation otherwise I would not want to go to gym at all. He motivates me to push pas my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy; my balance and flexibility have improved immensely. After 12 weeks, first time in my life I can see my abs, my body has toned and I have got great new muscles. I am now in the best shape I ever had. This is not the lightest I have ever been but I am now fitter than ever before. I can run, I can do at least 10 proper push up on my toes and the most important of all I can say that I am happier and healthier. Now I like to work out and I feel like I miss something if I don’t exercise.

Duncan Rankine is a truly excellent trainer. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, I strongly recommend Duncan. He is reliable, friendly, accessible, and extremely knowledgeable with the body and specializes in workouts. Thank you Duncan, you are the best! ”

Meet Joseph

12 Week Challenge
Program: 12 Week Challenge / Weight Loss: 10.0 KG / Trainer: Duncan Rankine

“ I met Duncan in 2010; I had just come back from holidays and had put on weight. A 12 week transformation challenge course came up at the gym I joined up and got Duncan as my PT. As a man at 53, I was skeptical as to how much I could achieve but knowing that Duncan had years of experience under his belt made me trust him and follow his advice. He kept me motivated and encouraged me and brought out my best, although I had been fit over the years I never achieved what Duncan brought to me. I had a six pack for the very first time in my life, lost 10 kgs and never felt better. Thanks Duncan, I’m forever grateful. ”